Hide self view in video call


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  • der_Dave

    Yes please!!!!

  • Dosa_Broadcast_1

    im in

  • Pilzli

    Yes! I often automatically shift to observe myself instead of looking the others. This feature would help!

  • Tekknofreak

    It would be a nice nice feature to turn self view on or off.

  • Heijigirl

    If you could decide if you want to turn off or on would be great.

  • Artymus

    a good idea, I think.

  • thezaeron

    Please, it would make it so much easier to see my friends' faces when I have the video chat as a small window at the top of my screen in a call

  • Fallfall

    Bumping that up...

  • Doctologist

    Please, please give us this option! Being forced to see myself is very distracting. A simple toggle to hide your local video would be very helpful.

  • mockman

    I'd also love this feature. It's available in Zoom, so should totally be doable in Discord right?

  • los


  • JLin

    I agree, or at least a way to minimize my screen more because when i want the pop up to be a small screen in the corner while I'm doing something else. I can't see the other person because my face cam is so big it covers almost everything. 

  • Olifantastic

    Using the pop-out window is currently a joke, and basically unusable as a proper "pop-out". I often use it to see people while playing games, so I want the window to be quite small. In that case however, when focussing on the other participant, my own video obstructs the view on most of incoming video.

  • PastaRat

    Would love this too! I always make the popout video very small so I can do something without having the video obscure my work too much, but then my own video takes up 40% of the other person's video. 

    Please let me hide my own cam! 

  • akidama

    We really need this feature, especially now with server video. It would be very helpful in my weekly meetups with friends!

  • Life-Sized Human Person™

    Please implement this!! If I want the pop out to be pinned in the corner of my screen, taking up as little space as necessary, the self-view is a major inconvenience.

  • gough

    Can we get a status update on this?
    This is a very necessary feature.

  • Natan Segev


  • Nox

    I currently have my video disabled for myself but i have no idea how this happened and I feel like its bugged, I have my cam on for others and my little tile for my cam has the disabled video icon on it.

  • SarahNorthway

    I would love this! I end up staring and checking my hair and stuff the whole time otherwise.

  • archbox

    Okay guys so this is a weird workaround buuuuut hear me out. If you open the windows camera app and screenshare just the app, to the other person it will look like normal video feed but you won't get the small overlay with your own feed :D

  • Murray

    Agreed. We just held a multi-day convention and people commented it was fatiguing/distracting to see their own face for such long periods of time.

  • the little sur

    for a certain server i'm in, it won't let me see self view, actually, but others say they can see me. there's just the disabled video icon next to my profile picture, but if i focus on myself and minimize the call/go into a text channel when im on the call, i can see myself. if anyone has a fix please let me know!

  • Rusty

    Althought it's not explicitly mentioned in by OP having an option to disable Self view in Grid View would be great too!

    I am often in a private call and the other party shares there screen as well as has video on and I would like just a side-by-side view of their feeds and not have to see my own ugly mug!

  • AbiHarris14

    Any updates on this? Every other call software I've used has implemented this. I prefer Discord in every other way though so it'd be a shame if I had to use something else just because Discord hasn't implemented it

  • Barni

    I think this is especially useful for people who multitask or just do something else while in a video call in popped out view. As I'm focusing on what I'm dong, I prefer to have the popped out window quite small, but then the video feed from my own camera covers up too much and I can barely see anything from others. Here's an image to illustrate:

  • Mizzko

    Here to echo my support for this like those above. Seeing yourself all the time is extremely distracting when you're trying to pay attention to other people/things. As mentioned all other major video call platforms have this option (Zoom, Meet, etc.) and it would be so lovely to be able to utilize this very thing here that most of us use now for our personal lives (especially during quarantine).

  • Laslas

    +1 to this. My problem is exactly the same one Barni described

  • alloystory

    +1 too

  • Sleep4theweak



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