Prevent new members from sending DMs except to mods for a set time after joining


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  • Jaelesh

    Yes!!! Something in between would be grand. 👌

  • Morpheus

    Why isn't this already a thing! This would solve so many problems. Nice thinking darkheraldmage

  • Chris Fate

    too many users open new account  to troll or or harass. If you look at all theese things. Namely harass, theft, trolling, fraud and many other actions that is holding discord back from achieving total greatness is because its too easy to create a account and jump right into it. Accounts being banned or closed is easy replaceable for fast minds. Locking the direct messaging function for time before able to use is a solution we need more than so many features discord is introducing. When i leave discord one day it will be because of catfish/fake accounts.

    thank you and have a nice day.


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