Pop out/view multiple video streams at once


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  • DragonRaider8212

    I was about to post this EXACT same suggestion. Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to upload a photo/video background behind the streams so us streamers could just capture the single pop-out window straight. But this would be nice as well!

  • Mikango

    Agree with OP. I play Tarkov with the boys and we all stream in discord so that we can see where each other are at all times without cluttering audio. I personally have tripple monitor setup so it would be nice to be able to have one video on left monitor and one on the right just for convenience sake. Would very much like to see it implimented.

  • SubbyDew

    This exactly, having to use the grid to watch more than one stream is pretty terrible when you have several people in the call as it just fills up with their icons.

    Being able to focus on more than one stream would be great.

  • Mikango

    You're able to remove the icons (right click and untick show non-video participants) but that still doesn't fix the issue with the fact that you see your own stream, you can't rearrange the streams and you can't pop out specific streams.

  • T SpooN

    I have nothing to add on this comment because enough is said from previous ones. Add it. Just do it.

  • sarkyn

    100% this. Sometimes I would love to watch two streams at full size, but even with two monitors it's not possible.

  • addmitt

    Yeah I run a podcast and if more than one person joins the video call, the whole layout is changed, forcing me to change all my captures in OBS. I really wish I could just pop out an individual to their own dedicated window. And yeah, virtual background for green screen chroma would be very nice.

  • Sir Finrod Banks of Westerwald

    I also really need this. I'm just reiterating but this is the current situation for streamers: In order to get the video feeds of particular video participants, one needs to capture the same Discord window several times and then crop it to the size of that video.

    - If someone else joins the call or drops out, the layout is broken or it might get reordered.
    - You are always limited in the video size by however Discord decides to partition the screen.

    By allowing individual/separate window pop-outs for any number of video participants:

    - One can reduce the hassle of cropping and just copy a 'window capture' or change the source of a 'window capture'
    - One can increase the size of the individual video feeds
    - One will have a designated window for each participant, even if they momentarily deactivate their camera
    - No messy changes because someone leaves or joins the call

  • Orange Joe



  • Tatum

    This is something I want desperately to be able to do 

  • GrüneNeun

    Especially if you're having multiple monitors or a high resolution it would be great to have as many streams / cameras in their own window as you like, so you can arrange them as pleasant...

  • Apahdos

    I'd love this feature aswell. Would make group calls far more flexible. I also plan to buy an ultrawide screen. This way the calls could be rearranged to the left and right of the game. As I often chat with around 4-5 people this would be perfekt. Basically is the only feature I am missing atm.

  • Binary


  • Tiddles

    I think this would be a great feature, I tend to watch two streams at once, and since I have three monitors, it is kind of frustrating to have an empty monitor, and a tiny grid to see it with. I need it to watch a 3D printer and make sure it doesn't spaghettify a print, and to watch other peoples streams without having to risk losing focus on the other stream and having it mess up.

  • jadobleu

    All of the above please.

  • Hcrazii

    just please


  • CoronaMTL420

    I found a workaround using obs. Create a scene with a window capture for each stream. For each window capture, add a crop filter to fit the stream. Then for each window capture, use the windowed projector.

    Edit: I know this is tedious and the resolution of each stream will be garbage but this is what I am doing while waiting for discord to work on this feature so I thought I'd let you know.

  • RaigeMage

    Please implement this. As someone who streams Tabletop Games on Twitch, having to create 4 different captures - twice because I have two different scenes that use it - of the same window and then crop them before each and every stream is extremely time consuming and frustrating. Additionally, any time someone's camera drops unintentionally the whole layout is broken.

    I love Discord and you're doing really great things!! Please implement something like the OP suggested.

    I don't like using Zoom because they're a terrible company and cost more money than is needed. However, their technology is pretty good. They have separate capturable windows that make it easier for Tabletop/VTT Streamers.

  • [FsK]Spank

    UP! Need this, watching 2 friends play poker, need to see them at once on my other screen.

  • Mina

    I need this :c want to see my friends' cam and their screensharings seperately on my other monitors instead of everything squishes in one monitor.

  • Iawooodmypants

    scruffy seconds. 


  • Lee

    Seems people have been wanting this for 2 years now. Any updates on ever actually getting it?

  • Kevmandigo

    I'm really curious as to any updates as well- I feel like multi monitor environments are more and more common- it'd be amazing to atleast see a dev acknowledge this request.

  • Duck

    Bump! Was about to post this too.

  • sane

    Was going to make this post as well, would be really nice feature

  • Lily Skye

    Yes please; I find myself wanting this every time two people are streaming. My OS's window manager can arrange screenshare streams better than discord's jank "Show Non-Video Participants" situation can. Just let me pop them out into separate windows.

  • coopr

    Definitely need to be able to have webcams on one window and streams in a separate one. Individual cameras/streams need to be able to be in their own child windows.


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