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  • RafaelB

    Looks really good, I like the idea. Although I do think some of the text while in the battle is a little bit too big, and maybe a little bit too many different colors. I would just stay with the same shade of red, green and blue.

  • Suspense

    Well, those design look great, maybe too big compared to the rest of the client UI but still a good job

    Anyway.. Discord isn't a game and nor should it be, plus you want regular people to get the HSE badge? That makes no sense since it's HSE and not HypeSquad Houses so yeah

    Discord used to host some events opposing every houses in some games where the tournament winner house would get a special badge (the house badge with a crown) for a certain amount of time

    So yeah, I like the designs because they look sweet and even if they're a bit too big, you still followed the usual UI elements which makes your idea cleaner than most of the existing ones on the site. But I don't really feel like something like that would be needed, or maybe a smaller version like with only friends or something?

  • Chaton

    A very good idea, the quiz/battle mode interessing me, the points are a very good idea too (go create a house leaderboard).


    What be the reward for points ?

  • Tinkles

    @RafaelB, thank you so much pal! I appreciate your feedback and yeah, maybe I pressed the "+" too much. 

    @Someone, thanks for your feedback! I hope that Discord Staff can consider this idea.

    @Suspense, the main idea is to add more things to the HypeSquad. Many people wish they had something more to do around, and while it is true that Discord sends activities every so often, I think that something more active could be interesting, many want to apply to HypeSquad Events, basically because it is a bigger challenge than the houses of the HypeSquad and they have to do way more than them, and well, the main objective of the HypeSquad is to share the love for Discord, and I feel that in this way HypeSquad Online members can help spreading that love too. I think the HypeSquad must have the same mission, that's why I put Squad Challenges like this, HypeSquaders decide if they want to go a little further than simply joining and receiving a badge. Speaking of the badge, the design that I put on them is metaphorical, demonstrating that in the final tier they have the same influence that a member of HypeSquad Events could have, since it shares his love for Discord in lots of places. But I'm still working in an update for this proposal, explaining everything and adding more content, so thanks for your feedback! It will help me so much.

    @Chaton I forgot the leaderboard! Please stay tuned for the next update of this proposal, thanks for your feedback! Talking about that points, is just for level up and some perks. And as I said, 50% goes to the winner HypeSquad House, and that's how the leaderboard is created.

  • Suspense

    @LeoRicharte Well, I'm not against the idea which sounds pretty cool!

    But if you see last discord's moves related to branding and stuff, they're leaving the gaming to be more general and inclusive (''your place to talk'' is more general) so I don't teally think this would fit in the client

    ANYWAY, I really think the idea could be either an indie game (well since you're using many discord assets it'd probably be hard to make it because of copyright and stuff) or just a bot! Actually,  I'd love to see that in a bot, where you could earn XP by either being active in a server, playing some premade minigames and the thing you showed in the post,  I also like the % going to the house in general


  • 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐞 ✰


  • Mert kaya

    this is a great idea 

  • Jôusef

    Dude This Great Idea :D

  • Arzitix

    Man this is great idea i like it. :)

  • cookie_

    Cool, but why is it in settings? Kinda weird to play games in settings... Anyways, very cool.

  • !ᴮᶦᴳZLATAN$123ᴮᴬ

    HypeSquad Events بده کونی

  • PieterSpruijt

    Love it!


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