Hide Screen Sharing and Voice Chat Activity when Invisible


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  • Drew

    I want this 100000%. My friend doesn't want certain people knowing they're streaming and for who. Let alone don't want to barrage of questions as to why they're streaming in a private DM and to who etc etc. Invisible should do as it says.

  • 𝓛𝓲𝓷𝔃

    I fully agree, this is a great concern of mine as well -- invisibility should do as it states, it should give you the freedom of being incognito to all other users on your friend list & allow you some freedom from possible unwanted attention. :)

  • MVP

    ^ Why would I want one hundred something servers that I'm connected to, to know when I am streaming in a DM of a couple of friends???? I can't fully express how invasive that feels. If I want a sandbox of people to know I'm streaming something I'd be using a different platform to do so. Please revert this part or have options to detail how users would like their stream statuses to appear via DM/server. I wouldn't want it to appear as it does now whether or not my status is invisible/online/idle/dnd to be honest.

  • Drew

    Just got an email saying discord isn't going to change how invisible works and doesn't care about how it shows your privacy under invisible.

  • IceAyy

    Agreed. It's really important for some to remain invisible due to potenital harassment. Having a feature that essentially removes the 'invisible' status should be considered a bug.

  • Saint

    +1. No brainer really. Not sure how this isn't a thing.

  • ex


  • Raggio

    +1. This is a necessary feature!

  • 'SokmaN'

    What? They don't care?!?!?!!?!


  • DarkenDraken

    So frustrating I share the same concern... sometimes I want to play with other friends but don't want other friends to feel like I'm ignoring them.

  • Dark_Serge34

    This absolutely needs to be a thing.  Just because I want to share my screen for a bit with some friends does not mean I want the world to see that I am online and people to send me messages asking why I am trying to be invisible and avoid them.  This is an invasion of privacy.

  • Monodorane

    +1, Invisible should do what it says on the tin!


    +1, this is a must have feature

  • Cyanid3Bunny

    +1 to this.
    I don't care really about the voice chat thing all too much as far as I have seen there is nothing that tells someone im in a voice chat when in invis mode. Perhaps that is because they need to be in the same server IDK. a lot of stuff can be done against that like making the VC unseeable to everyone except the target people.

    But with the screen sharing thing that is like making it easy for people who would want to stalk me to message me profusely everyday. If I want to share my screen through a voice chat on discord in invisi mode then that means I clearly don't want people knowing I'm around or online.
    Also, I feel like if someone blocks you they shouldn't be able to see whether or not you're online at all. No matter if you share a server or not with them. This creates an issue where they can silently watch your life as they chose to ghost it and you can't do anything other than turning yourself on invisible and just not popping online -- at all. Like I know it sucks to get blocked and also do the blocking but, we obv blocked them for a reason. It's to not see their presence at all. Another thing is messages in the same server. That blocked person's messages shouldn't be an optional thing just hide the messages completely. People like me see it and are compelled to see what they're saying defeats the purpose of blocking. I mean these are just ideas.

  • Elon Musketto

    +1 this is a necessary feature! 

    invisibility should do as it states and dont show people when im streaming my desktop.

  • ƞoor ♡

    +1 not only to not show when you're invisible - but also, if you're online - I dont want it to say 'sharing their screen' its super annoying.

  • CDoggo

    +1 Even though invisible should be complete privacy, why does this show up? Sometimes people spam me when I'm sharing my screen, and that's annoying! This is a great suggestion.

  • Leenbow

    The way this works its dumber then normal status: it tricks you and raises suspiciosness if someone sees you acting under invis.

    This basically forces you to create other accounts if you want to hide presence from someone, so dumb...

  • nissim

    9 months and it's not patched, nice.

  • griffederose

    I agree that this is not a wise decision on Discord's part.  Being able to opt into privacy is important, and even if they needed to add something like, "unable to type or stream in [public] servers, only in DMs while incognito/invisible", to feel satisfied with making it 'truly' invisible, I think that would be an acceptable concession to at least get something approaching a reasonable compromise in the meantime.

    Interpersonal relationships are complex, and the need to preserve ones privacy shouldn't be limited, or dependent, or so complex that you need multiple accounts, this sort of extra hoop is a simple thing to change that can either complicate relationships, or drive users off of a platform.

  • Jeff - Simy - Arreya

    It's been well over a year and we still have no control over the displaying of screen sharing in Discord.

    THE GLARING ISSUE: When a friend and I are sharing our screens with each other in a personal/private call, and regardless of of our online status it displays on our profiles "SHARING THEIR SCREEN" to literally everybody. Including: people on our friends list, not on our friends list, in mutual servers, not in mutual servers. Every. Body.
    It shouldn't display that information AT ALL while in a private call. Why would ANYBODY want EVERYBODY to be aware that they are sharing their screen with someone in a private call. It actually leaves me awestruck that this is a thing, and that I have to type about it.

    • No, it is not only appearing to she and I. We tested this by sharing our screens to EMPTY private calls, and we could STILL see on each others profile "sharing their screen". Yes while online and yes while invisible.

    There is one, and ONLY one way to work around this.

    1. You have to create an entirely new server that only you and your friend can join.
    2. Jump in a channel with your friend and screen share into the channel (as opposed to sharing in a private call).
    3. Then and only then will "Sharing their screen" only appear to you and the person in the server with you.



    1. Toggle option for display of "sharing their screen"
    2. Completely remove displaying "sharing their screen" while in a private/personal call. Again, this one is a no-brainer surely this is oversight that for some reason has gone ignored for a ridiculous amount of time.
  • Cafone

    How has this not been addressed yet? It seems like pure spite to not have a toggle for this feature by now. 

  • Steel Wheel

    wtf discord why aren't you listening to your users??? we want privacy!

  • DarkenDraken

    It's simple and easy guys. The reason is because this is not one of their priorities nor are we too many complaining in order for them to do something. They invest money to make things happen and unless they will make money on it there is really no point on fixing it unless they have time to spare or nothing to do at all(but they always have something to do).

  • SnowBeast

    +1 on this, this is a basic privacy feature and not having it will drive away potential users. i like discord a lot but privacy is a non negotiable for me, and this has been a long standing issue.

  • naturally

    please fix this, it doesn't make any sense.

  • Amizonious


  • Eron Sage



    Made an account literally only to bump this again because it's been almost 3 years and this STILL isn't fixed.

  • Paul J

    It's unbelievable that this is still a thing years later. This is an unacceptable lack of privacy control.

  • Obronca

    +1 totally agree with this, like bruh i just started streaming my games to my friends, and my gf asked me, "why you set offline your discord ? I still can see you're sharing screen y'know ? to who you're sharing your screen ? you told me that you want to take a rest, but you playing games ? why you hiding this from me ?" 

    like bruuuhh fr, just give me privacy, and time to spend with my friends in the server


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