nitro for free


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  • good idea right?

  • Hope

    No. Why not just give every single person free Nitro for 30Days on Christmas?

  • Two

    Discord specifically made Nitro paid so they can afford hosting Discord. If they make Nitro for free, Discord wouldn't be able to afford Discord. (aka Discord would shutdown) They did give free Nitro gifts to everyone in Hypesquad a while back.

  • Saederup92

    That would also require knowing who is and who isn't muslim. Also why stop there? Why not give it to christians on christian holidays or to jews on jewish holiday and so on?

  • ! HOC | (C A P T I N);


  • evangeline

    firstly, discord needs the money to maintain it so that is definitely not possible. next, why muslims? why not the other religions? cuz wouldnt that be unfair and seem like forcing people to believe in something?

  • fengfanyue

    %1000000 not going to work for long term

  • sprite

    That's just stupid, and how is discord going to know your religion?


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