Server Boosting Question


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  • Aosix

    Pretty sure it last for the month

  • myself.

    Hi, TheForbiddenChancla

    Discord allows users to cancel subscriptions for the month of the purchase day, and you can have it for the month. So, in other words, you purchase, cancel, and then it will keep the month as you purchased for happy discord nitroing! Hope this helped.

    Take care, 

  • nexy

    I have multiply questions,
    first one: so i was discord classic nitro monthly subscriber but then after 15 days i payed around 3$ to switch to real nitro and when i switched i boosted my friends server twice. After few days when the nitro ran out i had one nitro already claimed in my subscriptions then it got activated monthly but i lost the server boosting badge but the server still had the 2 boost of me but i also could boost the server, so i boosted the server and now there are still 2 boosts as it was. But when i look at my server boosts inventory it says that im boosting since the day I boosted it first time, now im wondering when the boost is gonna run out on the day I boosted it first time or when I claimed my nitro and boosted it again? (hope anyone gets what i've wroten xD)

    you can answer this question if you read everything,
    When i boosted the server after I claimed my nitro for the second time why didnt the boosts go from 2 to 4 but just stayed 2? Only thing that happened is I got my badge back and says that im server booster since the day i boosted the first time after i switched from classic to nitro


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