Add a way to appeal server bans


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  • myself.

    They could just have a bot, so not sure. 

  • R E G E X

    My Server has a punishment appeal form located in a public space for banned members to appeal. So this isn't really a necessary feature as the ban's main purpose is to make you stay out of the server. So this isn't really a problem on Discord's end, but the server's end.

  • Append

    I'd say have your server instead provide a special role ("BANNED") and only allow people having this role to see one channel: "BAN APPEAL" channel that's heavily controlled (1 hr per chat).

  • I was thinking maybe I can make a role for my server instead of a ban and I’m thinking like you can only speak in a specific channel where you appeal not completely sure how I would do I tho

  • Kill Myself And Fuck Myself 445

    I would like to be unbanned because I was chatting with people and then I just got banned for no reason the server is called Mortem Metallum official server

  • buckaroo✔

    I just wanna be back in my old servers:(

  • merlock3497

    An admin from a discord server I was in banned me after I snapped back at her for claiming I was not something when I was how can I fix

  • ! !

    I was seeing that some people were joking around, copying an pasting a message so i did too! Then, I got banned and no ban appeal is optional. This was on MINECRAFT 

  • Forest Dew

    I was banned from the " Twilight " server and "Pocky Time!! " server at the same time and day! I am hurted, for they send bots to ban me for stealing their emoji, coz I asked someone to help me send the emojis from these two server but she told the two servers to ban me! Then I tired to tell her that I only wanted to save the gif so that I can use it on the server! But, it was too late, I have no mutual servers with her so I cant send the message, I'll just get my friends for help...I hope...I get the appeal

  • ghostvista

    If you get banned from a server and when you accept an invite but it says user is banned from this guild, ut should say Appeal the ban

  • intel

    I was banned from a server because they thought I was someone else they had already banned even though I'm someone else entirely who has the same disability among other things as the person that they banned...

    Just to clarify they thought this person had made a new account and come back....


    Discord support told me that they have some policy on not interfering with server bans so I have no way to clear my name and no way to defend myself...

  • Xaiden

    Hello, this is not a appeal about my account, but it a appeal about a server i work in, so i was looking at the server, and i see that it Flagged by Trust & Safety team, and i am wondering why. The server never did anything to violate the Terms of Services or Community Guidelines, either i had on this account or anybody in the Management Team. We just switched owners, as the other owner was breaking the Terms of Services and was the one that got us flagged. We are super sorry this happened and i am here to request a appeal server flagged on Welcome Advertising • Nitro Giveaways • Chatting • Anime • Gaming • Memes with 720715079334756391 as their server ID. I promise the new owner or anybody on the Management Team has not broken the Terms of Services or Community Guidelines before. It would be great if you could look into this, and let us know why, and possible remove it.

    Best Regards,
    The Welcome Advertising Management Team.


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