Change name & chat text color and custom profile backgrounds


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  • myself.

    Love the idea, I don't know about the another image in the profile since it kinda would be confusing, my guess will be maybe a higher nitro access instead of the one currently at Discord Nitro or Classic. Who knows, but love the idea! 

  • LordGrim

    More things for Nitro would be great yes and the background will give a more better presentation to those who have nitro

  • NeonEnderLord

    May be better just to have a choice of backgrounds from Discord. Per-say each of the colours of the rainbow and maybe some other simple one to not make it over-dramatic. This is because if people could use custom ones it may be abused.

  • shiny

    ADD IT NOW. 






  • Joey

    This is actually a pretty solid concept. I'm surprised they didn't add this in the first place!

  • fowntain

    Yeah they should have added this a while ago 

  • E🦋zy

    Glad you liked the concept/idea :)


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