Suggestion to make Profile Banners more fair to Non-Nitro Users


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  • Icea

    I do second this, as i made a post about it, but a png image would be nice too as i explained in my post. Its a standard free feature in other websites. I think they did imply that colour changing manually was  coming, as on the news post it says "you cannot manually change the colour at this time" so maybe colour changing might be a thing??? which is the bare minimum that would make me happy. PNG access would be nice though since its standard for most sites but animated can stay nitro for sure to me xD

  • alysvie

    I agree with this, it’d be more fair to give those without nitro a chance to utilize this new feature. I wouldn’t mind if they gave those with nitro more perks like changing the color or having the banner be a gif but it’d be nice if non-nitro users could at least change the banner.


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