Really Discord? Locking Profile Banners behind the Full price Nitro and none for Classic?


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  • darkly ᵃˢˢᶜ

    We are already paying to have the benefit of customizing the profile, in call and others... So I think it would be worth giving us permission to customize the banner.

  • luiir

    I totally agree with allowing the banner for those who own the nitro classic.

  • Steksi

    It should be a feature, u only gain stupid server boosts, like you need the NITRO, not the boosts lol

  • LuKazs

    ta completamente certo.

  • Obama

    I pay for Nitro classic every year and I can't change the Banner, they take away too much privilege from the users who pay for it. It's a bit disappointing... anyone doesn't pay for nitro anymore.


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