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  • Wavy

    I agree, please at least give us the option to disable them if we don't intend to use them.

  • Sprinter

    "I don't like this so please remove it"
    Just ignore them?

  • foxyhooligans

    How can you ignore them?
    - they take up an unreasonable amount of screen space
    - trying to type an :emoji: instantly autosuggests stickers and removes the emoji button and replaces for sticker select button
    - can't be shut off in settings for the client or server

  • Bingus

    Yeah I don't want to be old and grumpy or whatever but I hate the stickers already. Hate them on whatsapp, hate them on facebook, hate them everywhere.

     I saw that we can't disable them on servers, but maybe consider giving us the ability to do so in the future?

  • IOTA

    I'd really like it if they moved the positioning of the stickers icon, too, so I don't keep clicking on stickers when I really want emoji. :| Really trying to push this stickers feature, even on non-nitro users to be like "these are awesome, go buy nitro so you can use them!" (They're not awesome, I don't want to use them, and this marketing tactic makes me not want to buy nitro.) If they were out of sight and out of mind (or free, and didn't try to replace emoji entirely), I wouldn't care about Discord adding this feature in. xD But right now, it's annoying. Hoping they tweak it.



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