Nitro should have a 1 week trial


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  • Average Nerd🤓

    Hm good idea

  • Kouki

    As a nitro user. I decided to start my subscription because of my one month gifted I got from a friend. When it ended, I just wanted to buy it. I think it's a good incentive regarding business! Or do more of that free Three Months stuff for people who have never had it.

  • ukiyaii

    there already exists trial-ish nitro. just recently was 3 months of free 10$ nitro for everyone that never had nitro before. in 2020's october every xbox game pass ultimate user got a 3 month trial for free aswell. a 1 week trial is nothing, you would barely use your perks, not long enough to make an opinion of it. just wait for black friday deals/free nitro promotions to get an idea of nitro.


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