Voice message function like in whatsapp



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    Heck yeah!

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    I agree.

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    boost !!

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    This is already on the tracker at:


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  • Maverick Blaze

    I completely agree with you, DEEN! Having a voice message function on Discord would be incredibly useful, especially when someone is unavailable to take a call. It would save time and be a more efficient way of communicating. Like WhatsApp we can use it too.

  • Lannister

    I share your sentiment, DEEN! Integrating a voice message feature on Discord would be highly beneficial, especially during times when someone can't answer a call. This addition would streamline communication and save time, similar to how it works on WhatsApp. For more information check sassa

  • myywuw

    Discord would be incredibly useful, especially when someone is unavailable to take a call. 



  • awexomepak

    I completely resonate with your perspective, DEEN! Incorporating a voice messaging feature into Discord could indeed revolutionize the way we communicate, providing a convenient alternative when immediate responses aren't feasible. It's reminiscent of the efficiency we experience on WhatsApp, and this enhancement could undoubtedly enhance the overall user experience on Discord. For additional details, check sassa – always good to stay in the know!

  • myywuw

    it would be really cool to send a voice message for example if someone is not online and could not take the call you can just send a quick voice message. Whatsgb.icu

  • sassaportal

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  • iftimania

    Absolutely, sending voice messages can indeed be a convenient and more personal way to communicate, especially when someone is not available for a live call. It adds a personal touch to your messages and allows you to convey tone and emotion more effectively compared to text. Plus, it can save time and effort, making communication smoother and more efficient. Whatsgolden app already provising this function

  • Joshua

    Yes, nowadays through WhatsApp people can resolve their issues all over the world. For example, a loan-based organization named Sassa introduced a feature through which the user can contact the Sassa team through WhatsApp and discuss the issue that a person is facing. So, WhatsApp plays an important role in the coming modern era.

  • Martin Lutherz

    Yes, this simply possible using different methods and many other apps including SRD Moya App are offering the same feature. This is quiet an important and necessary feature in today's digital world.

  • Amari Badru

    The voice message function in WhatsApp lets users send instant voice recordings, enhancing communication with a personal touch. To check the R350 status, visit the SASSA website, navigate to the SRD grant section, and enter your ID and phone number to track your application progress.


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