New UI is clunky, cluttered, and inaccessible


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  • ♡Kuro♡

    So true, it's so uncomfortable, I don't even want to open the app sometimes. Small text is hard to read and the customization options don't work for the entire interface. Please change it back.

  • Henry Purrkyll

    Massive agree, have kept to the freshest version of discord that still uses the old UI because otherwise discord is entirely unusable for me.

  • K M

    Speaking of accessibility, they also took away the functionality of physical keyboards for the mobile app. Simple stuff like pressing enter to send a message and having a cursor in the text field, being able to shift/arrow to highlight... All that is gone for no reason??? And the only thing they told me is "up vote it in the suggestions, maaaybe we'll patch it in the future". I use physical keyboards on my phone almost exclusively and now the functionality is absolutely gone with no way to go back to a previous version. I do not understand the logic of "updating" an app and removing features.

  • Grif

    Agree as well. Discord needs to fix this.

  • sloth-in-a-box

    Thanks for all the comments & upvotes, folks! Here's hoping the team sees this and fixes it 🙏

  • Andi

    I'm not neuro-divergent (that I'm aware of) but I do have loss of sight in one of my eyes. If it wasn't for a few sites I'm on requiring Discord, I wouldn't be on Discord at all. I use a tablet with a keyboard... having to hit CTRL Enter to send a message now is driving me nuts. And that's just one problem. There are multiple.

    I do get tired of so-called 'improvements' when the previous version is perfectly adequate.

    Some updates end up being downgrades. That's what this feels like.




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