Mobile custom rolecolors Voltooid
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Add GIF picker to mobile. Voltooid
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Add Github as a Profile Connection Voltooid
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Mute specific DMS Voltooid
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Stickers Voltooid
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Mutual Servers with Bots Voltooid
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Screen Sharing without a camera Voltooid
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Contact Profile Finder for Mobile Voltooid
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Video call and screenshare at the same time Voltooid
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Voltooid
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Go Live Voltooid
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Allows us to adjust profile picture thumbnail Voltooid
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Mobile indicator on mobile Voltooid
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Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags Voltooid
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Update emojis to 12.0 (2019 update!) Voltooid
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Allow muting notifications by role Voltooid
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Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles Voltooid
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Auto-scroll doesn't function when app not active window Voltooid
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change font size mobile app Voltooid
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Please make it harder to delete individual posts on mobile Voltooid
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Allow Mobile Users to Delete Account Voltooid
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Scan QR-Code to login Voltooid
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Suggestion, A way to suppress role-pings. Voltooid
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Watching PC games stream on mobile Voltooid
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Option To Turn Off Horizontal Scroll On Code Blocks Voltooid
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Add server “mark as read” feature Voltooid
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Stickers System Voltooid
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Discord "Discordo" boot sound Voltooid
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Update Discords Source Emojis to Twemoji 11.0 Voltooid
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