Stickers Voltooid
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Allows us to adjust profile picture thumbnail Voltooid
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Gift Other Users Nitro Voltooid
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Gifting Nitro in the Mobile app Voltooid
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An icon that tells whether someone is on mobile or PC. Voltooid
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Custom Status for Mobile Users Voltooid
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Soundshare on MacOS Voltooid
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Discord notification for voice chat Voltooid
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[Feature Request] Add an option to directly save images from the desktop client Voltooid
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An option to toggle the dragging and dropping of server lists Voltooid
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Flag message as unread Voltooid
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Please make it harder to delete individual posts on mobile Voltooid
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Nitro Voltooid
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Video call and screenshare at the same time Voltooid
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Add server “mark as read” feature Voltooid
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Audit logs on mobile Voltooid
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Add custom emoji on IOS/Android Voltooid
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Add Github as a Profile Connection Voltooid
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Android Chat Bubbles Voltooid
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Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags Voltooid
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Scan QR-Code to login Voltooid
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Discord "Discordo" boot sound Voltooid
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Watching PC games stream on mobile Voltooid
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In-app video player Voltooid
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Youtube "Streaming" status message Voltooid
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Embedded MP3 Support Voltooid
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Add an option to fully close Discord on "x" Voltooid
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Voltooid
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Add a button to automatically that "Mark as Read" all server chat rooms Voltooid
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Make nitro mobile friendly. Voltooid
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