Update Discords Source Emojis to Twemoji 11.0 Voltooid
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Add custom emoji on IOS/Android Voltooid
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Audit logs on mobile Voltooid
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change font size mobile app Voltooid
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Allow me to transfer server ownership Voltooid
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Screen Sharing without a camera Voltooid
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Allow server admins to view the server from the point of view of different roles Voltooid
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Emoji Picker for mobile Voltooid
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[Discord Nitro] Make GIF autoplay Voltooid
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Mention bar Voltooid
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Add an Emojis list Voltooid
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Add GIF picker to mobile. Voltooid
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[Feature Request] Add an option to directly save images from the desktop client Voltooid
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Emotes in the newest version Voltooid
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A concept to improve Discord's light Theme? Voltooid
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Kick/Ban Reasons on Mobile Voltooid
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Change “Jump to Chat” to “Jump to Message” Voltooid
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Shared Bot Ownership Voltooid
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IOS speaker only Voltooid
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Mute specific DMS Voltooid
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callkit option for ios Voltooid
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Go Live Voltooid
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Gifting Nitro in the Mobile app Voltooid
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In-app video player Voltooid
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Boosting more than one server. Voltooid
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Discord notification for voice chat Voltooid
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Emote Button for iOS Voltooid
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Allow me to use custom emojis Voltooid
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Add Github as a Profile Connection Voltooid
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Custom Status for Mobile Users Voltooid
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