I have been charged for Nitro Gift even though i didnt't buy anything
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DiscordSetup.exe can't work
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Are Nitro Classic being forgotten???
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Let us disable reply pings
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Multiple device voice connectivity
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Remove 2fa for partnership requirements
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Spotify Podcast Support
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Discord bugging out with images
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Holding server icons on iPhone app does not show any options
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Allow users to add still-image profile banners for regular users
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iOS app icon red dot notification for mobile
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is this real?
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IOS badge notifications
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Still-Image profile banners for regular users
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One time purchase Permanent Server Boosts
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엿같은 디스코드
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The problem with phone number verification
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Diminuir o preço do Nitro
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Rich Presence not working since i have profile custiomization
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(suggestion) Deleting in Audit Log
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Discord Profile banner's should be available to all users, whether or not they have Discord Nitro.
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Text Terminal Client
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Move Messages
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Profile Banners
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Age verification should be handled by discord itself, not individual servers.
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Profile Banners
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Ability to pin some channels so they appear at the very top of the channel list.
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Quick checks for profile backgrounds (not pfp)
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