Move Messages
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Show an indication in the voice channel that a user is currently live.
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Please let us disable Super Reactions, without disabling all animated emotes
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New LGBTQ+ Emojis
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Sending messages by Ctrl+Enter
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Does Discord staff even read this forum?
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Option to disable "Mosaic" layout
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Swipe to Reply in Discord
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Add swipe to reply!
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Desktop Emoji Menu Default Behavior
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Add option to show friends at the top of the member list
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Music in chat rooms
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view all chat images in history
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Purple circle emoji
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Suggestion for blocked users
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Exclusão de mensagens
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Cheese grater emoji
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Feature Request - add «shared post» for several people to edit the same post
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Feature request: Permission to edit other users' posts
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Forum tags filter
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Add possibility of voice input of messages in text channels
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Messages sent pop up date and time then they disappear
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Two small text chat features, but everyone needs this.
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Text translation
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Be invisible on one server but online on another.
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Flat color themes please?
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let us see other people's current time in their timezone
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Monospaced font isn't fully monospaced?
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