How to fix the API bug
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Block members feature discord
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people shouldn't see if im sharing screen whille appearing invisible
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how do I get API endpoint?
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Permissions des bots non prise en compte dans les réponses d'interactions
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Pin Direct Messages
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Remove your slash commands enforcement
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The ability to suggest commands.
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Faster save times for roles
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Fall Guys Game Detection
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Unread message red dot for Direct messages and Mentions only.
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Account homepage
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Popout chats
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New Discord Button
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Emote Variant wheels
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Add number input for Modal.
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Facilitate access to some tasks
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allow select Role, Member, Channel or other instead of preset options in SelectMenu component
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We need more tools to deal with Bot Raids
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FTR: Automod feature to js API to add ability for AI models
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Can't access discord
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Match pattern for string open (application commands)
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Block bots from being able to see all of the servers a person is a member of.
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Let Bot View list of webhooks there id's and tokens if bot has manage webhook permission
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請問為何我在驗證時,手機無法收到貴公司的簡訊呢? 2
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Add ability to change profile background for bots
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