Feature Request: Allow multiple key binds for PTT
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Adding a section to see what Netflix show/movie you are watching.
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Streaming Messages
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Show Game Activity On Website
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Own Discord storage servers
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Petition for name format name#1234 to be unchanged!
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N está per mitindo meu login
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Why does is show that there is a login in Dallas, TX in my devices?
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Customize button colors on Discord
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Internal browser
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Webhooks Embeds Styling Needs to be fixed
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Discord User Stream API´s
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Audio in desktop (Full Screen Sharing)
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On Mobile button
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Need more embed support for sake of QoL!
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Dark mode for desktop
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Remove the cap of 10 active groups chats per application
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Feature suggestion - Timestamp integration
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Update discord.py to allow bots to be compatible with threads
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Ephemeral Message Colours
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Blocking should visibly hide a user if blocked
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Prevent blocked users from seeing my posts
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Discord's "Early Verified Bot Developer" badge
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events after removing a person from the voice channel
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Html Embeds
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Custom Status for Voice Channels
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Third party Activities
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Allow the bot to check if a string of text is in spoiler tags or not.
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Link Bots to Twitch Accounts
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