Désactivation de mon compte Discord.
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Hacked Account Please HELP
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Account Disabled Due to Unintentional Policy Violation
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Age appeal issue
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Falsely reported and Blocked by discord customer care.
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Getting ignored by support after they banned my account for no reason.
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Disabled account + Ticket ignore
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%100 never paying for nitro.
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A Support Ticket Waiting list or ETA Time for Ticket Submitters to See
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[Request] Advanced Notifications Settings
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Minimum age requirements? And got my account falsely banned because of it.
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Discord automatically marking support tickets as solved
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discord haksız ban
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Please add a way to disable/block the “Discord Updates” DM
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False warned after sending friend requests
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Long response time
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A lot of confusion on my age appeal requests PLEASE HELP
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Binance Referral Code: VO2P1RYP (June 2024)
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Age restricted? Read this.
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Made 5 tickets
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Account compromised by impersonating a Discord Admin named "Yang zhan"
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I've been falsely banned for being underaged and I do not have an ID
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My account got disabled for a false reason
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Got tricked by a scammer who got me to change my email, now I can't recover it
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Account Disabled Due to Unauthorized Chargebacks
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