Discord automatically marking support tickets as solved
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Urgent: Account Hacked, Need Assistance ASAP
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Falsely banned for being Under 13
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Account falsely disabled for being a mod in a discord server
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Suggestion: Make PayPal Link Clickable in Profile
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is there any hope for an account falsely disabled for being "under 13"?
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Account was disabled(scammed for my username)(help isn't coming) Final update.
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Need Confirmation on Likely Scam
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Fix spam filter auto suspending accounts PLEASE!
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Fix spam filter auto suspending accounts
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Account still falsely disabled
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If you have a support ticket that has been ignored...
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Discord messed up or smth
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Hacked accounts
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Somehow explaining the Discord false bans and support issues
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To people who got disabled with no email respond, PLEASE READ!
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Unresponsive support
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How to appeal Trust & Safety flagging my server?
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Tomei ban injustamente
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Account Falsely disabled - How long does it take that discord reactivate my account?
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How long does it usually take Discord Support to respond?
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Request to expand role limit
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Increase Role Limit
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