Request for simplified navigation mode for Discord Mobile
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The new UI's dark theme is too high contrast
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i have nightmares
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New feature idea for DM's
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Mobile UI Changes.
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mobile UI is painful to use
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Pain from bad contrast options in UI background
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Change discord mobile back petition
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The new Discord UI.
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Please bring back the original gray dark theme
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New Dark Mode Colors Are Physically Painful To Look At
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im literally having migraines from these themes
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Dyslexia issues with new background colors
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Unavoidable Eye Strain After New Update
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Accessibility and UX - New Mobile UI
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New Mobile UI Crashes Screenreader
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update breaks damn near everything
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I am grieving
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Does anyone have alternatives?
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Is there a way to stop discord from messing with my UI?
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The New UI Gives Headaches And Causes Eye Strain
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Discord Has A Track Record (UI feedback)
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This update SUCKS.
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Old gray
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horrible horrible new ui
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Turning Off Auto Updates Won't Save You From The Horrible Update
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Me when I'm in a not listening to the disabled competition and my opponent is discord.
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