well h*ck, this isn’t the kitchen

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  • Custom Friend Links

    Discord recently added the ability to send a friend request via a link, so I think Nitro users should be able to customize their links like vanity server URLs

  • Animated Profile Pictures for Bots

    What if bots could have animated (GIF) profile pictures just like Nitro users?

  • Memoji/Animoji Support

    For iPhones with TrueDepth cameras I think that this would be a nice addition (assuming Apple allows it)

  • iOS Friend Request UI

    If you have all friend requests turned off, if someone opens your profile they can still see the “send friend request” button Please add a message that says “this user has hired a samurai to slay ...

  • Server Icon Glow

    Add a little glow around the server icon which can be changed to any color and having a higher brightness on the glow could be a Nitro Boosting perk

  • Invite Link Labeling/Tracking

    Allow us to put labels on invite links. Example: I post an invite link on Twitter. I can then go into server settings > invites and write “Twitter” as a note on it so I can track the amount of peop...

  • Markdown in Nicknames

    Add support for bold/italic/underlined nicknames

  • Capitalization

    Allow lowercase letters in category names and role names on the sidebar

  • wampus

    change wumpus’ name to wampus

  • crayon

    blurple discord crayon https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/252216570737197057/614514957861519361/image0.png