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  • aliengeo heeft een opmerking geplaatst,

    I'm experiencing this as well. I can adjust my system volume if it's just one person (and hope I don't get any notifications because they'll be earsplitting), but sometimes I'm in group calls where...

  • aliengeo heeft een opmerking geplaatst,

    Cosigned; I've posted a lot of things to Discord that I'd like to be able to access offline in the context of their relevant conversations.

  • aliengeo heeft een bericht gemaakt,

    Don't "correct" trademark symbol to emoji

    Some Unicode characters have both an emoji and a text presentation (a chart with sample pictures from Unicode). For example, the trademark symbol. In text, the trademark symbol is small and matches...

  • aliengeo heeft een opmerking geplaatst,

    I can't look up my own real name (which is a normal spelling of an English-language name) without getting results for something a few letters off. Makes it really hard to find times when someone wa...