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  • Mobile UI intorduced this year is Discriminatory against Autistic users! #notmyplacetotalk

    I CANNOT use the new UI. It just screams, "This is *wrong*!" If I look at --or even think about-- it, I get sent  toward mental overload. I feel like the team bullied the community over this one, a...

  • Second update with new UI discriminatory against mental disabilities

    I'm angry.  The May 2020 mobile UI is starting to poison my love for Discord as a whole -- starting. People have been making noise about how the new UI is horrid and they want the old UI back, myse...

  • Summary of New Mobile UI: Not Good

    I have spent a while reading the feedback so far on the new mobile UI, and thought I'd give another thread to summarize the community's thoughts without taking the dev team on a witch hunt. Between...

  • Soft lock on certain channels.

    I run a server where previous owners used the NSFW tag as a warning that controversial topics were allowed without permitting actual adult material. The new popup requiring my birthday keeps tellin...

  • BUMP for largest UI hatemail thread   Three pages of feedback. Thread after thread. I think I am the second least critical person in them of the new ...