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  • |;|ᓂᘏᗢ|;| heeft een bericht gemaakt,

    Line numbers for code blocks

    I use discord for two things; - Programming servers - Chats with coworkers (surprise - we're programmers)   Meaning the markdown code block is a very core pert of my (and many other developers') ex...

  • |;|ᓂᘏᗢ|;| heeft een bericht gemaakt,

    Colored text in embeds

    Problem: me and the guys at the office who use discord and discord bots for work have found that color cues are fantastic for workflow. Color coordination on discord is a nightmare outside of role ...

  • |;|ᓂᘏᗢ|;| heeft een opmerking geplaatst,

    We absolutely need this, this post is the first result on google for "discord embeds (insert feature that doesnt currently exist)" Why the hell its been sat for two years and not implemented i dont...