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    How to enable your server for Server Discovery

    Adding Server Discovery to the mix requires a new toggle for server manager to control if their server appears (or doesn't appear) in Server Discovery! Here we'll go over where to access this toggl...

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    Wil je je gebooste server personaliseren? Als je server boostniveau 2 bereikt heeft, kan je een bannerafbeelding aan de server toevoegen! En op boostniveau 3 kan je een geanimeerde serverbanner upl...

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    File Name Too Long for Windows

    When trying to install a game purchased from a server, you may run into an error like the one below! It's possible the install directory is above the allowed 260 character limit resulting in the er...

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    Mic Testing

    Sup!.... Can you hear me…? Is anyone there…? Type something in chat if you can hear me… (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳                                                                                          ( ╯°□°)╯...

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    Codes inwisselen

    Heb je een leuke code weten te bemachtigen? Ga dan naar Cadeau-inventaris in je Gebruikersinstellingen om de code in te wisselen voor een geschenk. Je zult hier gevraagd worden om een code van 19 t...

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    Missing Game Entitlements

    When having troubles trying to launch a game, there could be a few things that are preventing the game from running. These reasons can be intentional, or unintentional. In this guide, we’ll go over...

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    Slowmode - Slllooowwwiiinng down your channel

    This can be exciting... But sometimes you’d like to give your channel a giant chill pill. We’ve made that pill! Introducing Slowmode! The most convenient way to make your channel chill out. So, W...

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    Setting up Priority Speaker

    Let’s face it, you can get loud & we don’t want y'all having to yell over each other. So we built Priority Speaker! Think of this feature like giving someone the ability to speak at volume 11, when...