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  • Password Channels

    It would be great if there were channels with a personalized password, allowing specific people to enter your own channel without the need to create each role for each channel.

  • Private Server

    It would be great to add an option to make your server private, one option is to work with a pin or password.

  • Background


    It's great to have the possibility to customize your discord, with this I say add an option where you can load your own wallpaper for discord, making your discord look better for your liking.

  • Mobile Streaming


    Allow streaming from your cell phone, and also be able to watch other people's streaming.

  • Hidden roles

    It would be great to create an option to be able to change a role to hidden, that is, it will not be shown in the list of members, allowing a person privacy.

  • Hidden server section

    It would be great to have the possibility of hiding the server bar, this would make there less things to look at allowing to focus on the important things, we would also have more space for the res...

  • VideoCall Channel

    It would be great to make a video call with all the users of your server, that's what I come to offer, add a type of video call channel where people can share their screens or their camera and join...

  • Custom channels icons

    My suggestion is that you could change the icons of each channel individually with your own icons or be chosen from an icon library.

  • Channels for not deactivating microphone

    Add button to create a channel where the microphone can not be deactivated

  • Notify Add Option

    Add a button to avoid notification when someone mentions you