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  • Custom Fonts

    Hello! I'd like to introduce you the Custom Fonts! Custom fonts are just like Samsung's change-able fonts. So, there will be fonts that you can select from 1 to 100. The non-nitro users will be abl...

  • The E-sport TV for hardcore gamers.

    Hello, this is my original idea that i've got while coding some random smuff. When you log-in to your account, there pops-out a TV-like display that shows the selected game's e-sport event schedule...

  • Blocking the voice changers

    Half of the trolls use the voice changer to prank / abuse people or their power. This could end them all. Blocking the voice changer programs would make Discord a better voice chatting platform. ``...

  • The Memes Support

    We all know the legendary meme named, Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). It would be awesome to have an emoji / gif popping out when you post those. There is tons of memes made using Zalgo. It could entertain peop...

  • Nitro only servers

    I know, it is actually a pretty weird idea but, it also could be cool. Nitro only servers would make more people buy Nitro which i'm actually pretty okay with it but, it can also be a pretty darn t...

  • Animated Text

    Hello, did you ever wondered how cool would it be to have **ANIMATED TEXT** that you wrote? Even if you didn't, it's not a problem. Because now you can! The animated text is just like gifs. They ca...