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    Providence Because I also started with contacting them, and just like they did with you, they told me too to come to this forum. And I can see that the highly voted posts get answered or even imple...

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    Brand You're right, I mentioned spreading it on Discord, since it's a Discord-specific issue, but sure, it could be advertised on different platforms too. All I'm asking is that nobody spams it.

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    It doesn't matter if you consider it a bug or not, since it still isn't one. As long as it also returns the exact matches (and it does), it's not a bug. It's intended to work like this. Please stop...

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    No, as much as it sounds like a joke, that's a feature. With the current search system you shouldn't be expecting to ONLY get the exact search results, but also similar words. You still get what yo...

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    Do NOT submit a separate request for this -_- THIS THREAD is the request for it, if you want to make it happen, popularize this, instead of making another one. This is not a bug, so there is no use...

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    Vote for this one to make it (slightly) better: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360043045592-Exact-search 

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    Exact search

    Exact search would be nice to have, even as a filter, like exact:word.Reasoning: Scenario 1 - I'm proofreading a novel, or website, or game text, or whatever. Submissions on a specific discord serv...