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      You are absolutely right, they can't mess with roles above their own but the role will give them the ability to make a new role and give it admin perms and give to another person  I found a way a...

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    Slash commands have Been super slow, the past week it wouldn't even swipe , it gets so glitched , for users maybe it's ok for server moderators , admins and owners it's kind of annoying especially ...

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    Removing Calling and video buttons

    Note to discord: I'm not the only one to experience this.. accidentally clicking the video and call button when you open a users profile. Even in the dm I can't put my phone down because I don't w...

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    Holy damn that was a long argument

  • Queenie heeft een opmerking geplaatst,

    Lmao idk how I found this thread but it's funny I can still confirm two years later that you can ban someone before they Join your server and after. For example I'm in many dank memer servers where...

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    You know what's even crazier now is this stage crap. I turned off activity status for stage but it only turns off on your status but still shows activity regardless. Someone literally followed me t...