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  • Major Outage?

    Getting "Failed to load Messages" recently more and more often. Is Discord having Problems?

  • Disable / Turn off @Notifications for selected servers

    I recently joined a server of a friend of mine, which will evolve into a community server, soon. And with it I got some roles which can be mentioned with @. I muted the server but I still get to se...

  • Skype in Contrast to Discord regarding some features

    I used Skype years ago. At that time they introduced ADS to the Program and added a Sidebar to the right where they could display such ads. Discord shows this bar now, too. And tbh, I do NOT think ...

  • How did the call go?

    Interesting new way to ask for Feedback! Was in a VOICE CHANNEL (NOT CALL!). After I disconneced I was asked "How did the call go" as if Discord thinks you are calling someone while just Voice chat...

  • Translations

    I use English (US) as language in Discord and on first sight everything seems ok! But if I want to MUTE a Server, ALL OPTIONS that appear there are in GERMAN! First thing I did was checking the lan...

  • Active Now Bar

    It would be really NICE if one could customize Active Now. E.G. hide it. But sadly, in privacy settings there are NO Options to do so or anything else regarding this. NO Option to opt out, NO optio...

  • Message Options in Context Menu

    When you right click on existing messages in Discord, it'd be nice to have the option to delete, pin, add reaction etc. to this message directly.   EDIT: For Desktop UI this already works fine, but...

  • Option to opt-out showing Activity

    Now that the "Active Now" bar is present (and even if there will be an option to hide that), it would be nice to give us an option to opt-out. If one is playing a game and does NOT want to appear i...