Ownership Loss


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  • Ydupc

    1. What is a Discord Saver

    2. Your Discord ID is permanent and cannot be changed, you'd keep the server ownership either way. Even if you change your discriminator (e.g. the #0000 after your username), your profile picture, and/or any personal information linked to your account (e.g. email, payment methods [for nitro, etc], region, etc).

    3. The image attached is a view of the role system where the role named "admin" is locked. From my perspective, this can only happen if you are not the owner, or your role is not above said role, or you haven't been provided full administrator privileges within the role's permissions list.
    On the other hand, if you had transferred the server's ownership to someone else by accident (probably unlikely) then you'd need to contact the person the server's ownership was transferred to and ask them to give you ownership back, however they may not agree as technically you would've initiated the transfer in the first place.


  • Ami Mizuno


    You can't loose your server ownership by changing name or discriminator i think you have actually transferred ownership to someone else so please contact to him and request him to give you the ownership back






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