Improved Blocked user management


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  • Paradox Edge

    If you can't co-exist in tranquility with others then maybe you shouldn't be allowed to use chat sites to begin with. In 2023. You can always just talk to the people you want to talk to. And pay no mind to the people you oh-so would rather censor. Stop filtering everything around you. You're gonna start giving yourself delusions.

  • VicPariah

    Thanks, I guess, for your psychology wisdom, but this isn't what this feature is about. Did you even read the features in this article? I strongly suggest you reread what the article is about.

    This is about adding essential housekeeping features to the blocked users list. Particularly, to add a button to automatically remove users from the blocked users list that are no longer in any mutual servers with you. These are the kinds of accounts that cannot just simply be removed manually through 22500+ blocked users.  Once the button/feature for that is implemented, there will be little to no codebase maintenance to be done, since it is a maintenance feature itself.

    For the record, the Discord team's original response to this issue was to increase the maximum amount of blocked users for every Discord account, which is a huge waste of time and resources and doesn't address the core issue.  Discord's banning policies are more than enough to mitigate the need for blocking users; the inconvenience of having them accumulate over years of time with keeping those banned users still blocked without mutual servers is compounded by the inability to even sort users by any remarkable detail such as date/time blocked, mutual friends, mutual servers, etc.

  • Anuspropeller

    >If people don't like you, you shouldn't be able to speak.
    >A single account blocking people is censorship.
    What a nice comment

    I hit a blocking limit at 5000, is there a different limit for nitro or something?


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