Broken single images with new Mosaic layout.


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  • Vernon

    Also I apologize if this isn't the right forum or if it is, I'm not really used to using any sort of forums like this. 

  • VR4vsR1

    YES, I have this exact same issue and it is rather annoying. I sent in a ticket about this yesterday when I noticed it. I enjoy using small images and it usually works on other ends as I have tested multiple ideas now. If you send two small images they become big and in a collage, on other devices it does appear small such as desktop android and such but on mobile it will appear big to not only you but other people also on mobile. They won’t see the the same thing that others see and it will be irritatingly big and extremely low quality. I would also like to see this fixed as this is the only post I have found so far that matches mine perfectly. Good job!


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