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  • xSavgs

    This is naf 

  • Andre_601

    I... really don't think that is somewhat good of an idea.

    While I'm one of the devs that have the "honour" of having the badge since my bot got verified before the badge wasn't given anymore, do I not think adding it back is nice.

    We first need to discuss why Discord no longer gives the badge.
    The reason is simple: A lot of people did shady methods to get their bot on as many servers as possible, to then get verified for the badge. They didn't bother to put any effort into making a proper bot but mostly just made a copy-paste job to have a working bot to then share, or had those "Invite for free Nitro/Boosts" bots which spread like fire.

    Discord stopped giving this badge to remove a reason for those people to do this stuff. When you can't get a badge, why bother?

    It's also debatable if bots are actually a large reason Discord gets traffic and new members. I personally see other points for it like Content Creators (YouTubers, Streamers, etc.) telling people about Discord, various sites and software using it as support place and such stuff. I believe that Bots are actually a minority in this.
    Sure, Dyno, Mee6, Rythm and similar are fairly big, but that doesn't automatically translate into new people joining Discord.

    Adding the badge back would only encourage people to do the same scammy stuff again and again just in the hope to get this piece of Vector Graphics onto their profile.

    I mean people legit buy accounts for several hundred or even thousands of dollars, just to brag about them having a stupid piece of data resembling an icon without any real purpose or benefit.


    • The badge does nothing
    • It's only yet another icon on your profile alongside HypeSquad houses and Nitro
    • You already get the gratitude from Discord by having a checkmark on your bot's "BOT"-label, which shows it to be a good bot, so this badge doesn't give you any other benefit
    • You only get annoyed by people who want the badge, asking you if you sell them your account. Trust me, this happens way too often.

    So, in conclusion, is re-adding the badge to verified bot devs really not a benefit at all.
    Take this from a Bot dev with a bot on over 43k Servers as of writing this.

  • Chizy

    Yea I totally agree with this, thank you for sharing your opinion because I wanted to hea hearr others opinions about the Dev Badge.

    Have a nice day and stay safe out there!

  • pplick

    what i say, have a thing kind of like where you get your server verified, have a developer verifacation application, so that they can review whatever they need to to make sure you are a legit developer


  • Kugyan

    I'd say they delete it for everyone, because it's really unfair.

  • icedqueen

    I'd say I agree and disagree on that one, Kugyan.

    It is unfair as many devs work just as hard to create a good app, and only those who did it before they removed it, got the badge.
    Plus like Andre stated himself, people basically try to scam him to get the badge, as it is worth quite a lot.

    Although, it wouldn't be fair to remove the badge from devs who worked hard to get it either, would it?

  • Andre_601


    Plus like Andre stated himself, people basically try to scam him to get the badge, as it is worth quite a lot.

    Technically speaking is the badge worthless. It's an SVG and that's it. It doesn't give you any benefits whatsoever.

    The people that pay stupid amounts of money to buy an account with that are not any better than those who buy NFTs and think they'll become a milionaire. It's worthless junk that only is considered valuable because people waste their money on buying this. This isn't like buying a painting or a game, because in either case you get something in return you can actually use. Here is it just a stupid image people get hyped up about even tho they get nothing in return (Maybe a bot if it is still active, but good luck with maintaining it if you have no idea how and without getting access to the code).

  • icedqueen

    I agree. It's absurd how people are willing to spend thousands of dollars sometimes to get a small icon.
    Personally I think they should add the badge back, just with higher requirements so it is harder to exploit.


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