Make it possible to choose discord design in settings (new and old)


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  • Nerdy_Pasta

    The icon also got changed, which is weird. It's not the normal light blue anymore

  • TOD


  • VexedSteak

    Exactly, The logo and font got changed, I just feel don't like it and It needs either to get things reverted or let us choose what theme we wanted to choose from legacy to new. I hate the rebranding in general, For real. New things stuff like so called "Redesign" crawling in and I cannot embrace it, The new logo and font were horrible, comparing to the old one (2015-2021) it's a good example of good minimalism.

  • synpec

    Yeah, I think that would make so many people happy. The ability to change the style of discord, as easy as you can change from dark to light mode and then turn it back onto dark mode after 5 seconds. I think that most people prefer the classic style of discord.

  • kqzo

    well the new design isnt aesthetic at all so they should at least be called "bad (new)" and "aesthetic (old)"

    and if theyre not gonna revert this garbage theyre at least obligated to put this in

  • Anthonytonyboy

    Let us choose specific color, such as background color, link, etc
    I hate blue cmon :( I want more fire color, orange pls


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