New Color Hurts Eyes


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  • Cryowen

    100% agreed. I also use dark theme (on desktop and mobile) and the new blue not only hurts my eyes to look at, but makes me feel mildly I'll when the "new messages" banner persists for more than a minute as I'm scrolling through the backlog. The purple was soft and suble, but caught the eye. This blue is just awful. Even an option to revert the color would be enough.

  • 🌸 ari 🌸

    Omg this is a mood! The new blue hurts my eyes so much! Especially the eyesore color of the new highlighted @user and #channel

  • Chawiiee

    I second this


    agreed about the @user and #channel highlights, it's so hard to read, like what was wrong with the old one??


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