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  • Soso

    I actually liked the old logo a lot more since, to me, it seemed to be grinning a lot more than the new one. The new one is not bad, it's just a bit more blend in my opinion. 

    The font is kind of lame, I don't really understand why they changed it since the old one was good, and as for the colors I cannot stand the new one. Just like you said it's aggressive, it hurts the eyes, and it does not look esthetically better. So to me it was just a downgrade from the old one that was calming to look at. I don't really care if you want to keep the new logo because that's not going to make me stop using the app, but please do something about the color because it's honestly painful to look at.

  • Coosheen

    I agree, the new colors suck

  • partially stars

    the font IS boring! the new colors just hurt and i miss clydes look already

  • Anna Nightsong

    The font for the logo looks childish, and the colors and the normal fonts are a literal accessibility nightmares

  • ad-astra

    Absolutely agree! I noticed that Discord replied to someone’s concerns about accessibility with a feedback form about this kind of issues. I filled it out already, so I hope others in do and share it with friends as well to let them know how inaccessible and garish the new colors, font, etc. are for users.

    Link to their tweet about it:
    Link to their Google form feedback itself:

    They claim accessibility is taken very seriously, so let’s be sure to inform them of how difficult these new changes are for people.

  • Changing the logo from a pleasant, lavender speech bubble to a flat, dark blue, boring circle feels like a downgrade. I don't care what you do with Clyde, just put him back in his original bubble and colors please.


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