Veteran / Membership Badge


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  • Ash

    That would be pretty cool.

    Also, we should be able to arrange the badges on our profile. That would be even cooler.

  • Realmy

    Who doesn't like to flex when they made their account? Great idea!

  • Glyph

    Assuming this does not create some absurd underground market for buying and selling accounts. Which I might add for people even thinking about it, check the option that lets you download your chat histories in full for required GDPR compliance. Those raunchy chat logs might be public should you choose to do so.

  • Koksiroj

    As much as I’d like this app to have more badges, the moment you add more, the less the other badges will be worth. But maybe that doesn’t matter in this case since these aren’t just randomly added

  • Salt

    it would be even better if we can turn the badge on and off if we don’t want to clutter our profile

  • Hayden

    Great idea, would be nice to have service badges for how long you've used it like Steam!

  • Sam

    I second this. It's a really nice addition to profile and I think most of people would like it. Look at steam. They did the same thing and it was cool.

  • Vvamp

    I’ve been hoping for something like this for so long. I’ve been a nitro supporter for ages, but it was right after the old supporter badge became unobtainable. I’d love to see this feature!

  • kimjunglul

    Great idea! Hope discord implements it.

  • skaenr

    That would be very nice. I hope this suggestion will be added

  • Caro™

    Cool idea! Hopefully this will be added

  • tale

    This would be dope, it'd also allow people to check creation date without a bot command/site.

  • T4NJ1M

    I support this idea, I think it would be cool.

  • Dragoteryx

    Glyph As someone who got asked multiple times by different people if I could sell them my account because of my early supporter badge, I can confidently tell you there's already a market for that. (I reported every single one of them)

    This is a great idea.

  • 𝔫𝔬𝔱𝔢𝔡

    I think this is a great time to put in this feature, since they’re also starting to do beta testing for profile customization.

  • Quantum

    Would be a very great feature!

  • LuckyForever

    Oh yes, please add this badge Discord! 

  • Snippi

    Will love to see this! 


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