Your customer service is terrible.


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  • Flitzofy

    If this happens, it may be a glitch in the system or someone in the support crew closed it by accident.

    When it says "experiencing increased volumes" just means that they are being backed up with too many tickets. It does take a company 2-3 days to get back to you and Discord is no more no less of this. They get thousands of tickets everyday and the crew aren't bots.

    When it says to leave a comment, you should leave a comment or open a new ticket up and explain what happened. I think I'm my opinion, you need patience and give them time to respond.

    You can also leave a review on customer service or make a complaint to them.

  • Lazarus

    I've been trying to follow up on these people for months. Multiple emails, tweets, and messages to the discord support team have yielded zero results. Im pissed off and they need to stop ignoring people who have legitimate problems to address. They absolutely refuse to address bullying and absolutely refuse to help me solve the problem. Nothing else I have done has worked at all, and if they even bothered to read the multiple emails I sent them saying that the bullying report system doesn't work, we could finally get somewhere


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