cannot preview this subscription update.


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  • 𝙅𝙚𝙩

    Hello, has this problem been solved for you because i am having the same problem.

  • Aleхander88207

    Same here

  • Aлёша

    У меня тоже есть эта проблема...

  • Rynxy

    I also had this issue, you have to re-subscribe to your Nitro Classic (which you will not have to pay for) and you have to switch plans.

    hope this helps <3


  • foxes

    Same issue here, ive been emailing with discord but they haven’t replied much. When trying to re-subscribe it gives that message. “Cannot preview subscription update.” While trying to subscribe to nitro and classic.

  • An Emi

    Having the same problem here, can't even resubscribe to any nitro version... :( 

  • Wirlie

    I've experienced this problem and I've contacted the support team.

    In my case the problem was because I had a pending cancellation of a Server Boost, so, all I did was re-enable the Server Boost subscription and the problem was gone, I was able to re-subscribe to Nitro or Nitro Classic again.

    (Do not forget to cancel your Server Boost subscription again).


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