New update has changed certain symbols and icons


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  • Stopskii

    device info:
    App: 206.0 (52351) stable; Manifest: "4ee6b4e415899b146c2d6e2b1b423eeb"; Build Override: N/A; Device: iPhone15,3 OS 17.1.2;

  • Med

    I don't like the new layout update either, it basically ruins what's so unique about Discord's icons and makes them unnessecarily round and simplified, worst cosmetic update ever.
    I think this change was because they're overhauling the mobile client, so they thought “why don't we make the UI stuff more like other mobile socials, and also apply that to PC?” so we got this ://

  • Tonberry

    Almost all of the new icons are too big, clunky, and look bad. When can we do custom UI's Discord? Become that user friendly program you used to be all about!

  • Oomek

    My brain is doing cartwheels when I look at the channels list now. I wonder what genius came up with the idea of changing channel icons to letters in front of other letters.

  • Oomek

    Seems like they have fixed these ridiculous Aa prefixes. In my app the channels have # again in front.


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