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  • jeannette miller

    Hello Healthcare workforce optimizationvelichor ,

    I understand the convenience that an account switcher feature would bring to the Discord mobile app, especially for users who manage multiple accounts. As of the information available to me, the account switcher feature was indeed available on the desktop version of Discord, allowing users to switch between up to five accounts easily1.

    However, it seems that the mobile version of Discord has not yet included this feature, which can certainly be a limitation for users like yourself. 

    You can log into your secondary Discord account through a mobile browser while using the primary account on the Discord app. If the browser redirects you to the app, try opening it in Incognito mode.

    Some mobile devices offer app cloning features that allow you to have two instances of the same app. This way, you can log into different accounts on each instance.

    These methods aren’t as seamless as an integrated account switcher, but they might help manage multiple accounts until such a feature is possibly introduced in the mobile app. It’s also worth keeping an eye on Discord’s updates and announcements, as they may roll out this feature in the future.

    Best Regards,
    Healthcare workforce optimization

  • Jamesnoah78601

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  • kolangpurae

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