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  • Agoatlol

    Thank you for spamming the support tickets, further backing up the list and making the wait time even longer.

    We're all angry too but not only does spamming support tickets just make you a target for bots to auto-solve them all, it also backs up the line and creates all these complications for all of us so please y'know, don't. One at a time.

  • Daisy

    I already commited to spamming there heads off the autoslolve doesnt work on replies if they want me to stop they shouldnt ban a victim of doxing for doing a OSINT on the damn doxer
    Edit(cant make new posts):

    I tried appealing ages ago they just reply with this 


    Discord has disabled your account for violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. We’ve reviewed and confirmed this violation, and we will not reinstate your account.

    You should’ve received a system DM or email with more information. If you have any questions about your account being disabled, please refer to the account standing page under your account settings.

    Discord Trust & Safety

    while I didnt do anything agenst tos and was doing a OSINT to help a underaged user get legal justice

    and they still didnt delete it(it been beyond 30 days)

    they even ignored the FBI reports attached 

  • .andre47

    You are doing wrong my dear friend. You should clarify try to explain it through ticket route with discord support. 
    Unfortunately, through your behavior many people may suffer because you prolong the queue. But nothing lost you will probably get some perma if you don't stop, by the way just read the rules. 

  • kat

    Oh brotherr


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