Viewing Role Menu


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  • Catilina

    Seconding this; my server uses roles not only to give users access to certain actions/channels, but also to visually distinguish different groups and allow people to quickly check each other's preferences (ex. regarding being pinged in the server or receiving private messages, their interests, etc.) - now all of that is hidden, the mini profile doesn't provide any useful information and the “full profile” is disorganised and cluttered to the point that the usability of roles for visual info is basically non-existent.


    Changing/adding/removing roles also requires extra steps now, and I find myself even reaching for my phone specifically to adjust roles, which is less than ideal.

  • Radoslav Schuster

    I had same problem. I have 100+ server where is role system most critical thing. Now I wanted update server with new line of roles. But because new profile card it would took me ages. I am not talking about how disgusting it looks. This update is useless and worse ever. I am now trying to look for another platform to move, but I cant find any else which provide same great old profile cards as before. Really, thanks Discord for making our lives much harder. 


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