Searchable tags for friends using user notes


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  • Maliki

    Another use: Some people change their discord name all the time and to characters not regularly findable, so being able to find them by a nickname you give them would be helpful

  • Vexedfish334795


  • Chaos

    I really need this.

  • ||Jojo||
    That would make the notes on users much more useful!
  • Alp

    This feature would definitely save me a lot of time. It's so hard to find specific users in a large community and searching notes would make things a lot easier.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    Yeah. This really might be too helpful. 

  • robo_bobo

    How many upvotes does it take before discord let us know they will consider adding a feature?

  • Espii

    I can't overstate how important this feature would be. I have so many people on my list and if someone changes their name or something it's impossible to find them. Most people I talk to have a note with a common name I remember them as but that's useless if I can't search for it.

  • Rem

    I was just about writing this suggestion down myself, I feel like this feature is a must have kind of feature, I have a few friends who regularly changing their discord name and #, and if for what ever reason I will stop talking to them for a month, I will probably lose our chat forever since it's impossible finding them in any other way.

    You can also make us change his discord name client sided like skype and steam does for an easy search. But right now, search a friend who commonly switching names is a nightmare and impossible to do really.

  • Ocelatte.exe

    y e s

  • Pratepresidenten

    Searchable tags would be an absolute godsend. Please make this happen, for the good of all of us and our name-flipping friends.

  • SirFetishFancy

    I was also about to make a post about this. Tags would be perfect because folders would limit each friend to one folder. If I have a friend that is an artist, plays a specific game with me, & hangs out in a certain streamers chat with me: I want all those things saved so I search for any of them. 

  • Smith

    This seems like an amazing feature, and seems simple to implement too. Discord just needs access to personal notes when searching for an @, it's just local.

  • bcsk

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to suggest an improvement for Discord's user note feature. Currently, we can add notes to our friends, which is handy, but it would be even more beneficial if we could make these notes searchable in the 'Find or Start a conversation' box.

    The idea is to allow users to tag their friends with information like the games they play together or the communities they are part of. With many of us being members of numerous Discords and interacting with various groups, this feature would make it much easier to find and connect with the right people quickly.

    It's a practical enhancement that could help us manage our friends and conversations more efficiently. What do you think about this idea?

  • Ruth Arendse

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  • jaminashiami

    Implementing searchable tags for friends using user notes can enhance organization. Use tags like #CloseFriends, #WorkBuddies, or #Hobbies. I mostly use tags for my website. This enables quick searches, making it easier to find specific groups or interests within your friends. Utilizing relevant and personalized tags streamlines the user experience and enhances note accessibility. 😊 😊

  • Ruth Arendse

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